Sunday, 29 March 2015


I've got really behind with this blog! Back I'm February we went to Norfolk for the week. I had found a cabin nestled in the sand dunes for us to stay in for the week. It was a perfect week, long walks along the beach, pub lunches, seals on the beach and time with Cybi and Ali. We're already planning a return.

A Wednesday wander

The other Wednesday we had lovely weather here so cybi and I parked at Cressbrook and walked over to Tideswell to meet Ali for lunch. I hadn't been along the path between Cressbrook and Litton Mill before but it's stunning, as well as very muddy. You can see that it floods easily, lots of signs warning about this. Then through the lovely Tideswell Dale before picking up sandwiches for lunch with Ali.

On the way back we found one geocache and had one we didn't find. Lovely day and so lucky to live here.

More canicross adventures.

Once again we were at Elland Lodge for two days of racing with Canicross Midlands. After having to carry Cybi across the last water crossing a month ago, he put the brakes on and refused to cross, my aim was to get him to cross it. We've been practising in the stream in. The village, my wading in and tempting cybi in with treats. Well it worked both Saturday and Sunday he went through, I did carry a treat and it was needed to tempt him in but once in he went across, I was so proud of him. On the Sunday we also ran a PB for the course 25:14.4 which was super speedy for me.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Hartlepool adventure

Cambridge United were playing Hartlepool today so the three of us headed North. After lunch by the beach, it was very windy with sand flying into our eyes, we dropped Ali near the ground and then I parked by the sea and Cybi and I headed out on a geocaching adventure. The first cache we unfortunately didn't find but after that we started having more luck. Did a nice little circuit and added some more smiley faces to the map.

Monday, 5 January 2015

High up caches

Ali was back at work on Saturday so Cybi and I headed over to Fairholmes to meet Lou and Cybi for some geocaching. I had decided we should try and bag the three highest geocaches in Yorkshire since the weather forecast was good. Meeting at 9am we stopped at the kiosk for second breakfast before heading into the hills. First geocache found it was time to head high, a bit of bog trotting took us up on the edge where the three caches are located. Up there it was windy, no chance of talking to each other and cold. At one point I decided to get my bothy bag out so we could at least hear each other, it's impressive how well it works, although getting in it was hard work! It was at this point my map got blown away!

Dropping down we were all glad to be out of the wind and we walked a slightly longer way back to the cars via a few more caches. We got back just as it got dark. In total we did nearly 16miles, Cybi was definitely tired.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

New Years Eve

For Christmas Ali bought me a tent more suitable than our current one for backpacking as i want Cybi to come on our adventures and I'm not sure about bivvying with him. So obviously we had to have an adventure to try the tent out. New Years Eve being ideal, like the last time we went for a wild camp on New Year there was snow on the ground!

We all headed out with big rucksack, yes Cybi has his own and carried his warm coat and food. It's harder to pack when you don't have handlebars to strap your sleeping bag and mat to. We went via the local shop for some food where I realised I had forgotten the sporks, so back home before heading up in the hills. It felt hard with the rucksacks and the snow. Once we were up high we found a random snow free patch which wasn't boggy. We set the tent up and put some warm layers on. Ali then got the stove out and... It didn't work. Not great so we had the bread that was for our breakfast bacon rolls with bubbles. Partway through my first cup I was trying to work out what was in my mouth, it was a tiny slug like thing, yuk! After we finished the first bottle of bubbles we decided to bed down. I vaguely woke up to the fireworks at midnight but otherwise we all slept quite well.

Morning came and when we opened up the tent we were surprised to see most of the snow had gone, explains why I wasn't even cold when not fully in my sleeping bag! We packed up and headed home, via the shop for more bread so we could have bacon rolls once we got home.

Despite the few problems we all had a lovely time and I can't wait for our next adventure.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve

Out with Ali and Cybi today. We parked near Chatsworth and did some geocaching. Stopping at Edensor for a me lunch as Ali was running late with you n energy. Lovely day finished off by seeing a rainbow over Chatsworth House itself.

Monday, 22 December 2014

A day of geocaching and new pals

Yesterday I met Lou and Benny. I've been chatting to Lou on Twitter after a colleague of hers who knew me when I worked in Sheffield wondered how we didn't know each other. Both in sustainable transport, bikes, dogs and geocaching. So yesterday her and her dog came over to The Peak for some geocaching. I had warned them it would be muddy as everywhere is.

We met up at Eyam and headed out to two caches I had yet to find by a quarry. It took us to a lovely place that I wouldn't have even known was there. Then on towards Foolow. Lou got some geocaches I had found previously on the way there but the aim was the one in Foolow that I had failed to find previously. This time I found it, after a long search by both of us! It was a clever container. Then it was up the hill, finding another new one to me and onto one with a high difficulty rating. I think due to this we made it harder than it needed to be. The dogs looked on while we chambered round a cliff!

From there we dropped back to Eyam via a few caches for Lou and went to the Tea Rooms for the all important cake. Getting home my endomondo had recorded 10.8miles. No wonder both me and Cybi were tired!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Torq 12:12

Saturday and we had borrowed a monster truck (pickup) from Ali's work packed with bikes, camping kit, clothes and if course the dog. We really would have struggled to get everything in the mini. I also had some concerns about the lack of riding I've been doing and also how the boy would cope with us both riding. We got down to the site and managed to grab a trackside spot stretching back with room for all the garage bikes crew tents for then they arrived on Sunday morning. The night was really cold but the boy slept fine at the bottom of the tent.

Sunday morning and the gang arrived and set up our luxury pit area, complete with a kitchen. Meanwhile I tried to get mine and Ali's bikes and kit sorted. I was on my lovely kinesis ff29 which the lovely garage bikes built me which was flawless and perfect as always. We had lots of us racing, two solo females, one solo male, one female pair and one female team. Supported by our lovely pit crew of Al, Daz and Vikki. All to soon we were setting off on the first lap.

The course was mainly singletrack and although there wasn't much climbing per lap it all seemed to be on spongy stuff. The first couple of laps I seemed incapable of riding the singletrack, it's been a while, but riding solo I had lots of time to get used to it again. There were lots of speedy people on the course and I was finding riding on my own hard. But then I saw a flash of orange near the end of the course and caught up with Hannah. So the next lap I had company which made it more enjoyable. The next lap Sarah was heading out on a double so I had company for a lap, her and Ali then discussed stopping as Ali's knee was hurting but Sarah was determined so the second lap of the double was done.

After the seven laps I stopped, lack of sleep recently and lack of motivation kicked in. But the others carried on. With Sarah and Ali finishing third in the female pairs.

Impressive riding by everyone and thanks to @garagebikes for everything.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Our Boy Cybi

A bit less cycling recently as we have adopted a dog. He is lovely but keeping me very busy with walks and training.